Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Popsugar Must Have Review 2015 - Bad Customer Service

Popsugar Must Have is a life style subscription box, meaning the box contains items like fitness, food, beauty, fashion, home and entertainment.

 I was so excited to try this box!  I saw the youtubers Tee and Ess (TeeAndEss) do unboxing videos of this subscription, and I would yelp with delight with them as they unveiled every item.  They received unbelievably great items like full size juice beauty moisturizer, in-style fashion scarves, and mouth watering cookie chips.  So I had to give the box a try myself and ordered one to review.

The box never came.  Unfortunately, I cannot rate the products which I'm sure are wonderful, but I can review the customer service, which is horrible.

Here is the story:  I ordered my box on January 12th.  I was so excited as I anticipated the goodies I would receive like a little girl on Christmas day because lets face it, who doesn't love opening up a surprise?!  So shortly after ordering, I receive a notification that there was an issue with payment and that I need to order the box again and check my payment.  I didn't want to order it again because I looked at my credit card statement and the charge was still pending.  <<Fast-forward>> [The moon sets and the sun rises, it's the next day and the charge went through]  So I contact Popsugar through e-mail, inquiring about my purchase.  4 e-mails, and 1 desperate instagram direct message to them (in over a 2 week period), and still I don't get a reply.  It wasn't until I send a not so amiable message about their horrible customer service do they grace my inbox with a short reply saying they have no record of my payment and to send them a screenshot of my statement.  I comply, but no answer after 2 days.

So yeah, I'm pretty annoyed at this point.  I send yet another e-mail saying that I'd rather receive a refund.  They reply less than an hour later saying they would be more than happy to refund me except there is nothing for them to refund me...they sent me a screen shot saying my order wasn't paid.  Okay that's pretty cool, except for the fact that I did pay for it as my credit card statement shows.  So what does this lead to?  Those dreaded phone calls to your credit card company where you must wait on the phone fiddling with your fingers and listening to waistline music.

Now I await to see if my dispute will reward me a refund.  I'm 99.9% sure it will be in my favor because (1) I paid for it as my statement reflects (2) Popsugar will not be able to prove they sent me my merchandise because...they didn't.  I have to wait 10-20 business days for the result in the mail.

I give Popsugar must have 1 star because their customer service is attrocious.  Companies like Amazon do so well because not only do they have an eclectic range of items and good prices, it's because they have excellent customer service, which Popsugar should look into.
If you're interested in seeing reviews of the actual product, check out youtube.  I've added a video of TeeAndEss reviewing the box.  I'm sure this subscription box is great as long as they don't mess up your order.