Friday, April 17, 2015

Glossy Box April 2015 Review

This glossy box had a unique "woman empowerment" theme to it.  Two of the featured products were from entrepreneurial women of the Estée Lauder and Aerin brand (it's funny that both founders of those companies are related).  The box had a super chic pop-art image of a confident woman putting on her mascara.  There was also a lovely surprise gift of a makeup bag with a mystery gift card to the website that created the makeup bag.

I thought this months concept was very cool, but I was a little disappointed with the box's products this time around.  I'm very happy with one product, the others are okay or too small (ugh, sample sized!) for me to tell if I like the product.

This month I received:

  • Estée lauder Enlighten dark spot correcting night serum
  • Julep Gel eye glider in navy smoke
  • Marrakesh Endz: split end mender & preventer
  • Aerin Waterlily sun fragrance
  • Obsessive compulsive cosmetics Stained gloss in Rhythm box
The best product was the Julep eyeliner.  The formula is amazing!  It glides onto my eyelid like butter—that's how smooth the formula is.  It doesn't tug or pull on my delicate eyelid at all, and the pigmentation is spot on.  I'll probably buy this eyeliner for now on, I hope they have a lot of colors (like Urban Decay).
The only other full sized product in this box was the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic gloss, and I'm not a huge fan of their lip tars and stuff.  This gloss feels like high maintenance.  I found that anything and everything I ate/drank made all of the product come off.  I'll give this the benefit of the doubt though because the day I did wear this, my lips were pretty dry.
The Marrakesh hair mender seems nice, but the thing about sample sizes is that you usually can't tell if it will work because there isn't enough product that you can use over a course of time to see results.  Unless the stuff is potent, a sample size won't do it.  I like it, but I'm not sure if it's helping mend my split ends.
The Estée Lauder serum is super tiny.  It's cute and would make a great travel product, but it is not ideal for testing.  The card that comes with the glossy box says that this does wonders for your skin in 4 weeks, but this product doesn't have four weeks worth of stuff in it!  I've been using it for 3 or 4 days, and my skin looks exactly the same, so I'm not sure when I'll see results and if I will with  this amount.
The Aerin fragrance is pleasant.  It's a cute sample size that is great for traveling.  I like the scent; it is fresh and floral.

Overall, I thought this was glossy box okay.  I hope to receive more full sized products in the next one, or not such small samples!