Thursday, May 21, 2015

Glossybox May 2015

Glossybox is a monthly makeup subscription box that cost about 21-22 dollars with tax per month.  You receive 5 products that range from sample size, deluxe sample size and full size.

This month was okay-good.  For me, an okay-good box is a majority of sample and deluxe sample sizes with a couple of full size products.

This month there were two sample sizes, which means they aren't that big (not foil packets at least, or else I'd unsubscribe!).  There was one deluxe sample size and two full size products.

Clearista refining gel cleanser (Sample size)
Glam Glow power mud dual cleansing treatment (Sample size)
Sebastian Style bird 9 multi benefit hair spray (Deluxe sample)
Doucce lipstick in 907 (full size)
Teez clear coat nail polish (full size)

As you can see, the two sample size products are as big (or as small) as the lipstick.  I don't believe in sample sizes, especially for the price of the box!  I could that size product in a subscription box that is half the price of Glossybox (like tipsy).  Plus, 99% of the time sample sizes don't really allow a person to see if the product is fitting, especially when it comes to skin care.

  • I didn't bother trying the clearista product.  I'll just give it to someone, so no review on that.
  • The glam glow mask, is one of this few cases where a sample size is sufficient enough (but of course I prefer full size!).  I've used the mud mask twice, and both times my skin has looked great.  When you apply it to your clean, dry face, it dries up instantly!  I leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it off.
  • The sebastian hair spray will be great for my travel case.  This thing has some major hold as a hair spray.  I read that this also acts as a pre-styling product too, so I've used it before I've straightened my hair and it does make my hair look straighter and doesn't frizz.
  • The teez nail polish has the most adorable and cool packaging!  the box was so colorful and pretty.  The polish bottle is clear with a gold cap and it has orange designs on it.  The product itself is amazing too.  I used it as a base coat and a top coat.  As a top coat, it makes my nail polish look so glossy and smooth.  It also doesn't streak that much unlike some cheap drugstore brands.
  • The doucce lipstick is really nice.  Mine came in a nice rosy color that looks very natural.  The tube is very modern and cool.  The lipstick itself is nice for a matte color.  Matte lipsticks are usually drying to me, but this one is a bit better; it isn't as drying as other brands.
Overall, this box was okay.  There were too many sample sizes for my liking!  I feel like 2 out of 5 of the products should be full size.  I love the nail polish, like the lipstick, and am content with the hair spray and mud mask.  I didn't bother with the gel cleanser because of its disappointing size!