Thursday, January 22, 2015

Glossy Box Review - January 2015

What is GlossyBox?  It is beauty subscription service with monthly boxes curated with 5 high end products from different beauty brands (skincare, haircare, cosmetics etc.) that range from deluxe size to full size.  The products add up to way more than what you pay for, making it an ideal way to sample and try new products.  You can create a profile with preferences so that sometimes the products will be tailored to you.

Sometimes glossy box is a hit or miss.  One month the box will be really good, the next month the box will be disappointing.  Glossy box's rival subscription box is Boxycharm (which I have not tried yet).  Boxy charm is the same price as glossy box, except boxy charm is supposed to have more full size products, usually 4-5.  The difference between the two is that glossy box has more high end and exotic products where as boxy charm has more everyday items from decent brands.

Have you tried Boxyxharm?  You can leave a comment and tell me what you think about the box!

This glossy box was a little disappointing, but there were still some great products to try out. Here's a list of what I got:

  • Lollipops long lasting eye pencil in goodbye moon
  • Teeez beautiful eyes flat stiff brush
  • Skin & Co truffle therapy serum
  • Vichy Laboratories pureté thermale 3 in 1 cleanser
  • Kueshi pure & clean revitalizing face toner

-The Lollipops eyeliner was probably one of the better products in the box.  It's very smooth and glides onto the eye easily.  Apparently it is infused with vitamins to make it more nourishing for our very delicate eye area.  I think this is actually better than my urban decay eye pencil!
-The Teeez brush was a nice addition to the box.  It has a very chic pattern on it that is pink and green. It's very versatile; it can be used for smudging, applying shadow, buffing etc.
-The Kueshi toner is also really nice.  It has a very unique smell, it isn't quite floral, but it is along those lines.  The first few ingredients are plant extracts, and then there are some chemicals.  I'm glad all the ingredients aren't chemically derived, although I prefer natural products.  This toner does feel refreshing though, it feels like a refreshing splash of cool water.
-The Skin & Co truffle serum is good, but the size is so tiny.  It's .17oz, making it barely enough to see if the product will actually work for you.  Granted the product is expensive in general, but the same size sample was in a birchbox before (I've never tried birch box but I've seen it in there before), and that subscription box is only $10 a month.  So this was a little disappointing.
-The Vichy cleanser was okay.  It gets rid of makeup, cleanses and all that, but I find most cleansers do that and they are more affordable.  I use Burt's Bee's which is affordable and natural, so I'd just stick to that.  

This box was okay, but there were some worthy products like the eyeliner, brush and toner.  Hopefully next month is better.  

I hope this helps you guys decide if Glossybox is right for you or not!

* Bold words are names of brands/companies.

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