Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Glossy Box- February 2015

Glossy box is a monthly subscription that contains 5 deluxe samples/full sized products that are delivered to your door each month.

TheFebruary glossy box was a pleasant surprise!  The box was Valentine's day themed, and I pretty much used all of the products for the occasion.  I adored most of the products I received.  This box had a lot of different options of products based on someone's beauty profile.

My Products were:
  • Spa Rituals Foaming Shower Gel in Yogi Flow
  • Unwashed Bio cleanising Conditioner
  • Royal Apothic Lip Tinties in Pink
  • Julep Color Treat in Heartleigh
  • Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Mascara
The Spa Rituals shower gel was fun to use, but I'm more into natural/organic products for my skin.  This has a lot of chemicals and I find that irritates certain areas of my skin.  I love the packaging though.  
The unwashed conditioner was a deluxe sample.  I used it once in the shower so I can't really form an opinion on it.  It's in my powder blue travel case right now!  It's a great concept though; it is supposed to have oils in it so it doesn't strip your hair of its natural oils.
The Royal apothic lip tint is amazing!  I love it.  The packaging is adorable.  It comes in a pretty box and when you take it out, it is this cute little class pot with a retro looking lid that is a silver color.  This is absolutely adorable!  The product itself is great too; it's a nice sheer pink color.
The Julep nail polish I don't like, but I'm not a fan of glitter top coats.  Who needs the trouble of spending an hour trying to take this polish off!  I actually went to get my nails done a little after I put this polish on my nails.  The woman who did my nails couldn't get it off with polish remover so she got out this device the spun and chipped the glitter off!  This is super cute if you love glitter top coats; there are pink hearts, different colored speckles etc.
The Jelly Pong Pong mascara is nice.  It works like any other mascara to me, not one of those amazing ones that do wonders for your lashes.  I love the name of the brand and the product though, it is adorable!

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