Sunday, September 13, 2015

Birchbox September 2015— Anastasia Beverly Hills, 100% Pure, Davines, Etat Libre d'Orange, Tocca

I wanted to try Birchbox because the September box sounded promising, so I subscribed just for the month to try it.  Every box included a 20% coupon for the birch box store (which I used!).  I might have to subscribe to birchbox instead of Ipsy, but we will see.  I was so pleased with most of my samples, so this is what I got:

  • 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil
  • Davines This is a Sea Salt Spray
  • Etat Libre d'Orange Remarkable People
  • Tocca Esfoliante da Corpo–Giulietta

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pencil
I was not a fan of this.  The sample size was cute, it's about a third of the size of the actual product.  This felt a little rough when I tried filling in my brows, and the color looked a little chalky.  I don't think I'd $23 for this product when it doesn't work very well and seems cheap.  I thought Anastasia Beverly Hills was supposed to be a high quality brand, but not based on this pencil.

100% Pure Eye Cream
I. Love. This! This product is very creamy, and I have high expectations for this.  It is supposed to brighten and banish dark circles by waking them up with caffeine.  Now the smell is amazing.  It smells like a fresh and very quality cup of coffee, I just can't get enough of it.  I ended up buying the full size one.  The best part is (aside from the delicious smell) is that it is made of organic and natural ingredients.  There are no chemicals, only wholesome stuff for your delicate eye area.

Davines Sea Salt Spray

I have to say I love this stuff.  It made my hair very languid, it even made it look like I styled my hair with just a few spritzes.  The smell is to die for!  If you're not into sweet smelling things, then this might not be for you, but I love it.  It smells like some delicious vanilla icing.  I ended up buying the full size version of this, but this was a pretty big sample; I'll put it in my travel case.

Etat Libre D'Orange Fragrance
This is a small sample.  Fragrances are hit or miss, it all depends on your preferences.  I wanted to love this because of the orange and champagne notes, but to me, it smelled like orange soap that is slightly effervescent.  
Touché Body Scrub
I liked the texture of this.  It is grainy like any other scrub, and it left my skin supple after my shower.  I'm not a fan of some of the chemicals in this, so I will not buy it, but it was a nice sample.  My scent was tulips and green apple so it smelled floral and fresh.

I hope you guys find my reviews helpful!  Maybe you're loving Birchbox or want to try one of these items! Let me know :)

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