Saturday, August 15, 2015

August 2015 Boxycharm Review: So Susan, Coastal scents, MICA Beauty, Nios Shiled etc.

Hello guys!  It's time for a Boxycharm review!  In case you don't know what Boxycharm is, it is a monthly beauty subscription box that costs $21 a month before tax and you get 5 products which are usually always full size.  This month I liked some of the products and others were okay.  It depends on what kind of makeup and brands you like.

In the box:

  • Coastal Scents Revealed 3 palette
  • Mica Beauty gel eyeliner in black
  • So Susan hi lighter stick
  • Nios Shield Leave in conditioner
  • Eyeliner brush

Revealed 3 Palette
I'm not a big coastal scents fan, so I'm probably going to pass this along to someone.  This palette is nice though if you're into warm toned eyeshadow. This is an affordable palette, I think it goes for about $20 because it is on sale.

Nios Shield Leave in conditioner
I was happy to see this in the box!  This is a hair and scalp treatment that has SPF 15 to protect your scalp from harmful UV rays.  I tried it and it also feels like a smoothing cream which is great for fly away hair.

This is such a pretty minty color!  The brush is soft and made of synthetic hair, it also has a very fine tip which will help for making precise lines.
August 24th 2015:  This brush is great!  It is soft and as I had suspected, it makes precise lines so you can go draw on a thin line if you'd like.  

Mica Beauty gel eyeliner
I haven't tried this yet, so hopefully I remember to update this with my experiences!  The formula looks smooth, so I can't wait to give it a shot.
August 24th 2015:  I love, love, love this gel liner!  This formula is very smooth and creamy, it glides on effortlessly.  What makes this liner so amazing is that once it dries, it does not budge.  I wore this on a hot NYC summer day and it didn't melt or smudge, which is absolutely amazing. This is definitely worth having! 

So Susan hi lighter stick
 Unfortunately this was broken when I took it out.  The product was not in the tube, but instead smushed into the cap.  That's too bad because I saw that this was supposed to have a chiseled tip to make it easier to apply to one's face.  I have two other So Susan products, a blush and a concealer palette.  I love the blush, it is slightly shimmery and a natural pink, but the concealer palette is horrible.  The concealer is sticky and hard, it doesn't blend well.  I contacted Boxycharm about my broken product, so hopefully they can help me replace this.  I'll update about my experience with their customer service soon!
August 24th 2015: The Boxycharm support group got back to me about the damaged item.  They were friendly and told me they'd send me a new So Susam highlighter stick in my next box.  

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