Saturday, August 15, 2015

August Glossybox Review 2015 & My Policy Experiences, Sparitual, MANNA, POP, Lollipops, Glam Glow

August will probably be my last glossy box—for a while at least.  Having 3 subscription boxes at once is a little on the completely insane side, so I decided to give up glossy box last month.  I cancelled my subscription on July 28th.  Apparently though, Glossybox requires you to cancel within the first two weeks of the month or else they will still charge you for next month's box and send it to you.  I didn't realize this so that's what happened to me, so I guess I have no choice but to review this months items.  Funny thing was, I saw what two of the items were for the box preview (the nail polish and cleanser) and I was happy that I wasn't getting for the box, but then I did.

This month I received:

  • Sparitual nail polish in Magnify
  • Glam Glow Mud cleanser
  • Pop Kajhl eye pencil in Sooty Black
  • MANNA Eyelash primer 
  • Lollipops lip gloss in Délicieuse 

I'm not a big pink nail polish fan, unless it's a light and natural looking pink.  Surprisingly, this one is nice.  It's not quite hot pink and it's not quite barbie pink, it's a nice summer pink color.

I've been wanting an eyelash primer, so I was happy to receive this.  This is supposed to condition your lashes along with extending them.  My lashes do look a bit longer when I use this and then use mascara.  This makes them look naturally long.

I like this lipgloss, my only issue is how much is in the actual tube.  It looks like a big tube, but it is only 0.33 oz, so it's mostly air in the tube, making it a struggle to get the product out.  This is a very sweet smelling and tasting lipgloss that is conditioning.  Usually I wake up with chapped lips, but when I hap put this on before I went to sleep, I woke up with moisturized lips!  So I'm loving this product even though there isn't much of it.

I'm not a big Glam Glow fan, so I'm not going to bother trying this.  Many of their products are full of chemicals I can't pronounce, so I don't like to use it.

I like this eyeliner so much.  It goes onto my eyelids easily and at the other end of the pencil is a sponge for smudging so that you can make your eyeliner smokey.  I love that feature!  So this is great for a cat eye or a smudged liner; this is so versatile.  I find that I usually like the eyeliners glossy box gives me (although not all of them).

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